Splash | the last of the Florida pool days

We so enjoyed our rental on Anna Maria. We were directly across the street from the beach, but we actually spent the majority of time in the pool area. We all fell in love with the large wading area, which was extremely kid-friendly.

   Like father, like son: Sunscreen application edition.
   Daddy is pretty much his hero.

 We have developed a love/hate relationship with the puddle jumpers.
Great for Luc... a total crutch for Brynn.

Love this sweet girl.


He's "guk"... aka stuck. 

Upside down goggles are all the rage, apparently. I am so uncool.

Can't even handle that dimple! 

{shot with iPhone and Lifeproof Nuud}

  So happy to have his "Bamba" -- happy and healthy. Bamba = Lucas' word for Grammy

Pool time can wear a boy out. 

I think it's safe to say that we miss the autumn in Indiana- the colors and the ambiance -
... but October in Florida is tough to beat.

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