Anna Maria Island | Seashells by the Seashore

New blog, new material. While I have enjoyed blogging over at ourbabyberry.com over the past five years, we decided that it was time for a fresh start. This blog will relate more to our aging family, and it will highlight mostly photography and special recipes for family-friendly dinners for our picky eaters (recipe post coming very soon...). We hope that you enjoy all of the experiences that we share with you on this blog.

As far as this post goes, we had such a blast in Anna Maria Island this past week... We enjoyed the food, the beautiful atmosphere, and of course, the beach and pool at our temporary beach house. Mostly, our babes enjoyed sharing it all with Grammy and PawPaw. I will have to split up the many photos into a few separate posts, but I wanted to start out this series with our morning walks on the beach. Grammy and PawPaw really wanted to bait the beach for Brynn and Lucas, and we were so excited to see all of the magic that came with the experience...

Lucas learned to throw "gagocks" (aka rocks) into the waves, which took up much of his time.

We can't wait for our next trip to Anna Maria.

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