Christmas Tree Farm Photos | 2016

Just sharing a few photos from our time at Lazy Lay Acres in Dade City, Florida. This was our second time visiting, and we loved every second of our experience at this authentic Florida Christmas tree farm.

I- literally- had to wipe all of the dust off of my camera to take it with us this year, so I'm a little rusty with my PicMonkey usage. It has been so long since I have taken photos of the kids, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to do it. We decided that the self timer was the easiest way to capture a few family photos for our Christmas card... Enjoy!

I do apologize for the flagrant "overgramming" of these photos of me and the kids, but I gave Allen a few brief photography lessons, and my sweet and positively gorgeous hubby totally nailed it. *heart eyes emoji*
I do love that man.

Wishing you all a very merry holiday season!


Brynnie Ballerina Goes to Kindergarten

We read the books. We talked and prepared for all that was going to happen. We met the teacher. She just knew that she was ready for it.
But I can't say that I was all that surprised this morning when she tip-toed into our bedroom to find me. She hugged herself and quietly said, "Mommy, I just don't think I'm ready for Kindergarten. My tummy hurts too much." She was a bundle of nerves.
So, we climbed into bed to snuggle up, take a few deep breaths, and try to find our calm. We talked about how first days are always a little scary because you don't always know what to expect, but that they were usually about making new friends and learning new things. We talked about her first day of preschool and how she ended up with so many friends and great teachers who were once strangers. That was all it took to get her back on track. She still didn't eat much breakfast, but she was more than ready to put on her uniform and pack everything into the car.
I thought I was ready too. I read all of the books to her. I prepared the school supplies. I pulled out my dusty DSLR and readied it for the big day. We were listening to all of her favorite songs on the way, when I realized that I was full-blown sobbing (silently) behind the wheel to the beat of Shakira's "Try Everything".... Luckily, I pulled myself together before we were in the throes of car line.

Luc was so excited for Sissy to go to "Sindagarden"

Of course, most of my cathartic moments went into making a video of all of the wonderful memories we have with our first baby girl. Here is a glimpse of our little apple's journey from bump to Kindergarten.

Wishing all of the other mommies and daddies and babies a great first day of school.